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Experience the Limfjord

The Limfjord is the perfect place to relax and enjoy each others company. You won't find any big glittery funfairs but a long range of authentic and exciting experiences where you come very close to the Limfjord's nature and people.

Danish hygge by the Limfjord

Hygge is a word us Danish people are especially proud of. The Danish hygge is world known and many foreigners try to understand what hygge really is. In reality, hygge can be many things; a feeling, a smell, a specific tradition or something completely else. Here you'll find Limfjord Holiday's suggestion to what hygge by the Limfjord is.

Day at the beach

The beaches at Limfjord are shallow, calm and perfect for children. On most beaches, bathing jetties have been set up, so it is also possible to get further out into the fjord for a swim. Spend a day on the holiday at the Limfjord on a cozy beach day.


Lots of fresh air and time to enjoy the scenery and colors of the landscape, this is a cycling holiday and it is for all ages! At the Limfjord we have...

Ice cream on the marina

The many small idyllic marinas at the Limfjord invite you to have fun and be with your family, friends or loved one. Most marinas have a kiosk that se...


Get up and close to the Limfjord's coasts in sea kayaks - the area has several rental sites and a kayaking trip on the calm waters of the Limfjord, ov...


På vores facebook side, Destination Limfjorden, kan du se forskellige begivenheder og event i Limfjordslandet.

Come to Fur - Denmark's most wonderful island

Photo: Brian O

Limfjord holiday is fun for kids

Photo: Mette Johnsen

Aktiv ferie ved Limfjorden

Photo: SET

Havne i Limfjordslandet

Photo: Ferievedlimfjorden

Wonderful child-friendly beaches

At the Limfjord, you will find many child-friendly beaches along the 190km coast. The low and calm waters make for excellent bathing conditions for both adults and the smallest children.

Glyngøre Beach

Photo: Thomas Køser

Lyby Beach

Photo: Thomas Køser, Skive Kommune

Virksund Beach

Photo: Thomas Køser

Ålbæk Beach

Photo: Limfjords Camping og Vandland

Gyldendal Beach

Photo: Thomas Køser

See all the Limfjord beaches

Photo: Thomas Køser, Skive Kommune


Gå på opdagelse i Limfjordslandets mange spændende butikker


Highlights by the Limfjord

Fossil- og Molermuseet

The moler emerged about 55 million years ago at the bottom of a big ocean. The ocean also covered the area, in which Mors and Fur are placed today. The moler consists of a mixture of fine clay and incomprehensible amounts of microscopic diatomite, which lived, died, and sank to the bottom ...

The Museum on Fur

The museum at Fur contains both natural and cultural history. See the many exciting fossils or the exhibition "Det lille land" where you can get an in...

Spøttrup Castle

Here you can discover a real castle with moat, castle towers, Knights Hall, church room and everything that has to do with the middle ages.

Dueholm Kloster

Experience the atmosphere in the old convent, which tells a story about monks and nuns, brave knights and fair maidens. See the many old and well-preserved items that generations of locals have protected and thus today are irreplaceable treasures in the museum’s collections. You can see ...

Danish Oyster Bar - Glyngøre Shellfish

The Oyster Bar at Glyngøre Shellfish serves fresh and local oysters with a view of the Limfjorden. You will get an authentic and present food experience at the great oak bar with salt water running down the middle.

Skive Museum

The Skive Museum houses art and cultural history exhibitions, the Children's Museum Gadespejlet (Street Mirror) and the Skive City Archives. The exhibitions show selected works of art and objects from the museum's collection.

Landbrugsmuseet Skarregaard

At Skarregaard Agricultural Museum time has been standing still since grandpa was a child. But then again, that is not exactly true as the farm is a very active place with exhibitions and modern organic farming. An farm in the 1950s was a family farm, which required the help of everyone...

Glyngøre Kulturstation (Museum)

Glyngøre Kulturstation is a small local museum placed in the old railway buildings. Here you can find exhibits on the railway, fishing, industry and culture that has made an impact on the area in and around Glyngøre.

Thise Mejeri

Thise Dairy is located in the small town Thise in the northeastern part of Salling, where a long line of organic dairy is produced. Everything from ch...

Struer Museum (B&O Museum)

Struer Museum: Bang & Olufsen - experience the adventure of radio- and television, which put Struer on the map of the world. The city and the Lii...

Jenle Museum

The famous author Jeppe Aakjær lived here from 1907 until his death in 1930. See the exhibitions and the artist's residence where Aakjær wrote several...

Tingfinderiet antique and second hand shop

In an old and beautiful farm close to Krejbjerg you will find the interior and second-hand store Tingfinderiet. It consists of 900 m² retro, raw roman...

Dalsgaard Antiques

Large antique store in beautiful surroundings. The store also has a small café where you can enjoy a coffee.

Træmuseet - The Museum of Woodworking Tools

The museum's exhibition consists of old Danish produced machinery for woodwork and hand tools used by cabinet makers and carpenters over the past 150 ...


Glassfactory. An open workshop, where you can watch while the glassblower transforms the hot, liquid glass into object for everyday use and unique art...

Morsø Traktormuseum

Morsø Tractor Museum is the oldest tractor museum in the country. The collection at this museum was founded more than 30 years ago. It exhibits no ...

VisionKayak - glass kayaks

With VisionKayak you can go on a boat trip on the Limfjord in transparent kayaks. The crystal clear glass bottom kayaks provide a unique experience in...