The Limfjord is the perfect place to relax and enjoy each others company. You won't find any big glittery funfairs but a long range of authentic and exciting experiences where you come very close to the Limfjord's nature and people.

Danish hygge by the Limfjord

Hygge is a word us Danish people are especially proud of. The Danish hygge is world known and many foreigners try to understand what hygge really is. In reality, hygge can be many things; a feeling, a smell, a specific tradition or something completely else. Here you'll find Limfjord Holiday's suggestion to what hygge by the Limfjord is.

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Wonderful child-friendly beaches

At the Limfjord, you will find many child-friendly beaches along the 190km coast. The low and calm waters make for excellent bathing conditions for both adults and the smallest children.

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Highlights by the Limfjord