See the Limfjord area from the water

A sailing trip on the Limfjord is the perfect way to experience nature and the Limfjord area. You can try SUP by Skive habour, a trip in canoe on the south side of Mors, or in kayak around Venø.

Water scooters, jet skis, and the likes

The Limfjord is an amazing place for water scooters, jet skis, and the likes. Most of the Limfjord is open to sailing the water scooters, jet skis, and the likes, but there are some exeptions. ‘Natura 2000-areas’, wild reserves, and protected nature areas are off limits.

See the map on the right for an overview of the prohibited areas (In Danish).

Read more about the regulations of the Danish Maritime Authority’s website: Personal watercraft and jet skis

Kort, vandscooterforbud

Golf courses in the Limfjord area

Visit the Limfjord areas beautiful golf courses and enjoy the peaceful nature while staying active and with great company.

Glyngøre Havn
Visit the idyllic marinas by the Limfjord


Hjarbæk Lystbådhavn