Easter at Limfjorden

Easter is right around the corner and we more than ever NEED to get out of the house and have an EXPERIENCE - Corona restrictions or not.

We have therefore gathered a wonderful collection of experiences to your Easter holiday. Here you will find something for the adventurous, something for the food lovers, something for the families and something for those that enjoy nature. And don't worry - there are still plenty of experiences at Destination Limfjorden even though we are in the middle of a partial reopening. 

So come visit our lovely "Limfjordscountry" during Easter - cause here there are room for both relaxing end experiencing. 

Activities/places/experiences on the Easter site are specifically chosen with the current COVID-19 restriction in mind. Please keep in mind that, specific activities/places can suddenly be shut down because of COVID- 19 restriction. To ensure that you do not venture outside for nothing, do we recommend that you either talk/write or otherwise contact the place you want to visit to arrange your trip.

EASTER GAME: Can you guess what is on the picture?

Are you in need of ideas for the Easter holidays? Then play along and see if you can guess the picture from the countryside of Limfjorden. We have taken some of the amazing experiences that Limfjorden has to offer, with these being an ideal visiting location during Easter.