The Limfjord Oyster is known as one of the best in the world...

Did you know...

.. that you can find oysters in Limfjorden all year, but it is recommended that you only collect them from September to April. The reason being that oysters is filtering water for algae, and therefore there is a chance that in the summer the oysters can contain poisonous algae, that thrives in the warm water.
Rule of thumb is that months whose name includes the letter “R”, is the months where you can collect oysters.  

In the brochure below you will find mores information about oysters, how to open dem and delicious recipes. The brochure is in english. 

Restaurants with oysters and shellfish

Some of the local restaurants serve delicious shellfish dishes - prepared using their very own unique methods.
Find inspiration here.

Nykøbing Mors - Denmark’s Shellfish Capital

In the middle of Limfjorden, on the island of Mors, you will find Denmark’s Shellfish Capital, Nykøbing Mors. The town hosts different events, such as The Oyster- and Clam premiere, The Oyster final and much more.

The oysters in the Limfjord


The Limfjord Oyster

You can recognize a Limfjord Oyster from its flat and almost round shape. A good size for a ripe oyster is when it is around 8-10 cm and weighs between 60-150 grams. It takes about 3-5 years for an oyster to reach this size.

Furthermore, oysters are hermaphrodite and are capable of changing their gender depending on the water’s temperature.

The Pacific oysters are an intrusive species in Denmark and is threatening the original fauna, the Limfjord Oyster, blue clams and so on. The pacific oyster is oblong and grows faster than the Limfjord Oyster. A good size for consumption is around 80-160 grams.


The Pacific oysters

Oysters and shellfish are a delicious but should be enjoyed carefully. When gathering, eating oysters and clams from Limfjorden, it can be a risk.

  • You should therefore thoroughly inform yourself before you gather oysters and clams from Limfjorden. Do not under any circumstance collect your own shellfish if a warning has been issued from the government/the authorities.
  • Do not gather oysters or clams near streams, sewage outlets or harbour outlets.
  • Do always follow the recommendations from your guide when you are on oyster safari in Limfjorden.