Luciaoptog Skive

Winter by the Limfjord


Welcome to winter fun and Christmas atmosphere at the Limfjord. Visit one of the cozy Christmas markets, enjoy the Christmas-decoration in Skive and go ice skating on the public outdoor ice rink.

Outdoor ice rink in Skive

The public outdoor ice rink in Skive is a gathering place for all children and playful adults from it opens in December until it closes again in March. Excess cool air from Skive's town hall solar heating system is used for the ice rink. You can rent ice skates right by the rink for the whole family. The ice rink is open for free use except. pm. 6 - 10 where it is prepared. Skates can be rented at. 10 - 20 during holidays. Follow the ice rink on Facebook.

Juletræ i Skive
Julelys i Skive
Julelys i Skive