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Havnen 4

7900 Nykøbing M



If the Northern part of Mors has its impressive slopes, the Southern part Mors (Sydmors) have beautiful meadows where in the summertime, you can hear the ribbiting sound of frogs and toads. At the beach meadows, you can particularly see golden light-bellied brent goose and golden plover which is worth a visit in spring- and autumn season.

The distance to the opposite coasts is relatively short, which gives great views to Thy, Thyholm, Jegindø and Salling. Its landscapes have beautiful harbor environments, Denmark's only association-driven car ferry and Agerø which is connected to Mors by a dam. The ride on the bike gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the many nature and cultural-historical places that you will pass bay and there is time to stop.

3 nights in nice B&B and Danhostell. Full board, map material, tour description, and brochures.
Daylaps from 20-30 km

4 days/3 nights € 231,- per person in double room.
Children under 12 yrs. old accompanied by 2 adults € 149,- per person.

Single room + € 67,-
Extra night in Nykøbing from € 56,- per person
Luggage transport € 48,- per person (minimum 2 persons)

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Havnen 4

7900 Nykøbing M


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