Fur Camping - Autocamper

Fur Camping - Autocamper

Fur Camping situated on the island of Fur - the loveliest island of the inlet Limfjorden.
Well known for its deposits of the specific type of clay called "moler".
Along the water front at the unique moler cliffs or in the moler pits, you will have good opportunity for finding fossils.

Fur Camping is a pleasant and family-friendly place situated in picturesque surroundings close to the forest and the beach.
Fur Camping offers 2 spots for autocampers, with full access to a restaurant, a shop and a service building. 

The campground is arranged in terraces in a sloping terrain with a beautiful view of the water and with plenty of shelter. It is ideal for campers who would like to be close to nature.


For contact and further information on Fur Camping and their autocamping offers: Fur Camping