Gammel Havn Fur

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7884 Fur


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Fur’s buried harbour should be just as renowned as the buried church in Skagen!

In 1911, the fishermen built a harbour on the southwest coast of Fur, a harbour that became the lifeblood of the island.  At that time fishery was equally important as farming. Due to silting the harbour was abandoned in 1956 and moved to the newly built harbour near the ferry harbour.

In 1993 Fur Museum took over the Old Harbour.

In the red storage house you will find an exhibition describing the history of the harbour and fishery in the Limfjord. Free entry. There is a designated nature trail in the area with the option for a quick trip along the beach. You can head east of the docks and down to the fjord. The old harbour approach is now a wide beach - that’s how much new coast been added over the past half a century. The exhibition in the storage house also includes information on the snails, mussels and stones that can be found on the beach.



7884 Fur

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