Glyngøre Shellfish adventure - By Limfjordens historical fishing village.

Glyngøre Shellfish adventure - By Limfjordens historical fishing village.

Experience an interesting and educational trip in and along the beautiful Limfjorden.
Come and see where the seafood delicacies come from, and try your hand at collecting and catching them yourself. The fishing equipment and the know how of the local fishermen of where and how to get the fresh and healthy food yourself will be shared on the trip.
Since gathering them actually is as easy as it is, we insist that everyone tries their hand at it for themselves. Tag along with a Nature Guide to the water and hear the exciting stories of the wild life that unfolds right at our feet. For instance you could hear about how and why an oyster changes sex while learning how to feed a starfish. When the starfish has been fed, it is time for you to be allowed to taste the "water fruits" that you have collected - both raw and cooked.

The "safari part" takes a couple of hours, after which refreshments will be served and in collaboration with Limfjordens Hus, consisting of picnic plates with delicious delicacies that will be served. They have their own smokehouse and are particularly known for fresh local produce. The food is enjoyed in the beautiful Fjord Nature and if the weather is better suited for sitting indoors, there is an exceptional fjord view from the Culture Station too.
Guests also receive a day ticket to Glyngøre Kulturstation, the culture station, which has normal opening hours from 2 - 4 pm. At the charming local museum there are permanent exhibitions that tell about the city, the railway through time and certainly not least plenty of tales about the fishing and fishing industry in Limfjorden.
Often there will also be exhibitions by artists with local roots.

The adventure contains:

- 2 hour seafood adventure
- Nature guide
- Museum ticket to Glyngøre Kulturstation, which can be used either before the event the same day or the following
- Snacks and light refreshments
- Good advice for cooking
- Borrow waders and fishing tackle
- Recipes and booklets
- Evening meal prepared by a chef from Limfjordens Hus, incl. a glass of wine or other beverage

Practical information:

The event takes place on the following Thursdays and Sundays: Thursdays 10/6, 17/6, 24/6, 1/7, 8/7, 15/7 and Sundays 1/8, 15/8, 22/8.
Meeting time: Kl. 16 and ends approx. at 19 (At 18 it is time to enjoy the food from Limfjordens Hus).
Meeting place: Glyngøre Kulturstation or agreed place in the area (The shellfish habitat and the weather determine).
Maximum 9 people and minimum 4.
Canceled in very bad weather.
Remember to wear clothes according to the weather.
Remember to write your shoe size and state whether adult or child (for waders).



For more information please contact Glyngøre Kulturstation directly
Tel .: +45 2567 5989
Mail: jenk@museumsalling.dk 
Web: Glyngøre Kulturstation