Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping - Kayak rental

Experience the Limfjord kayaking.

Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping - Kayak rental


Do you want to discover what the Limfjord has to offer with a lovely kayak trip? 
Then Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping is defiantly the place for you!

Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping is situated directly at Limfjordens shoreline with a view to the island Venø and in good shelter for the west wind, these conditions provide the ideal surroundings to enjoy a relaxing kayak trip whether you are just learning to row a kayak or have experience already. 

You can sail your own or rent a kayak at Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping, the rentals includes life jacket and wet suit.



For contact, opening hours or more information about Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping and their kayak opportunities: Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping