Pavillonen Knud Strand

The pavilion Knud Strand was built in 2018 and is the fourth café at this historic site.

The Pavilion serves lunch and dinner a la carte. There is also an ice cream and coffee bar.

The site has been a popular excursion destination and venue for generations. From the 1920s to the 1960s there were "bathing trains" from Viborg to Rødding with happy swimmers, who made the trip to Knud Strand to enjoy the bathing life and the lovely surroundings with the characteristic 10 meter high hillside. In 1931 the State Railways built the first pavilion and since then the Pavilion has been an eatery, venue and cultural center.
In 2014, the former pavilion was demolished due to the danger of a crash. However, it soon became clear that there was great support for a new pavilion that can continue to gather people at Knud Strand.

The pavilion is within walking distance of Spøttrup Castle and Spøttrup Lake.