Skive - Resen Badminton Club

Skive-Resen Badminton Club (SRB90) was founded back in 1990, and offers badminton to its members on both exercise and elite levels. It is an important goal for SRB90 to have a well-developed and good club life. The club's work is based on volunteering, and we are therefore looking to involve as many members and volunteers as possible in the work around the club. We offer different types of training: Miniton, beginner, slightly experienced, experienced as well as exercise games. 

Mondays 18.30-20.00 in Skivehus-hallen (14-19 years) Address: Rosenbakken 8, 7800 Skive
Badminton for the fun of it.
This is the team for you if you simply enjoy playing matches and having a good time with your friends.

Tuesdays 19.45-21.00 in Resen-hallen (15-20 years) Address: Furvej 9, 7800 Skive
This is the team for you if you want to focus on your technique and improve your badminton skills.