Tours in glass kayaks on the Limfjord - sunset tour

Experience the sunset from a glass kayak on the Limfjord

As one of the only places in Europe, you can row in crystal-clear glass kayaks with VisionKayak; a fantastic experience both above and below the surface for families, couples, friends, and events! Join us on a trip on the beautiful, clear water of the Limfjord in kayaks that act as giant windows to the world beneath the surface.

Imagine drifting across the clear waters of the Limfjord, while the explosion of the warm orange and yellow colors of the sunset appears at west on the sky above us. The fluffy cumulus clouds will be colored delicate pinks, as the golden colors slowly get replaced by cooler, bright turquoise and deep blue tones at east. Finally, the brightest stars will become visible one by one on the early night sky above us. If we’re lucky, the night will be calm and windless, and if so, the fjord will act as a giant mirror reflecting all of these beautiful events and colors, thus making it seem like we’re rowing directly on the sky! The romantic sunset tours will begin while there’s still a bit of daylight left, so you’ll get to experience rowing in a giant window to the secret life of the fjord, too.

The starting time of these tours varies, as it depends on the time of the sunset. You can find the time of the trips at

The kayaks are wide, stable, and easy to steer, so you do not need any rowing experience to join us. You’ll get a short introduction to the glass kayaks and basic steering techniques before we head out, and we’ll stay together and close to the shore during the entire trip. Typically, the tours last between 1,5 and 2 hours, and we row at a speed that allows everyone to keep up. Each kayak has room for two people, so this is the perfect opportunity to share an experience with someone dear. We have the swimming vests, so all you have to do is meeting us at Marienlyst Strand in Skive, and wear swimwear, clothes that may become wet, or rain clothes, as the paddle picks up a little water at each stroke you take. It’s possible to buy drybags on site. There’s a limited number of seats on the tours, so hurry up and book yours at Here, you’ll also find videoes of the view through the bottom of the kayaks, more information about the morning tours, as well as information about the two other types of tours: the morning- and full moon tours.

Prices for 1,5-2 hours tour incl. a short introduction at land:

200 DKK/child below the age of 13 years.

250 DKK/adult