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The long coastline and the numerous streams allow for unique angling especially for sea trout.

The area has many angler-friendly accommodations that know what the angler needs on the fishing trip.

Fishing ground | Glyngøre

At the north western side of Glyngøre the water is deep and the water flow is often strong. From spring the herrings are attracted to the strong water flow in the fjord and the the sea trouts are attracted to the herrings. In the late summer there is also mullets in the fjord. You ca...

Angling on the island Fur

Fur's beautiful and varied nature is home to some unique fishing spots. Fur offers some of the most varied and scenic coastal fishing spots in Denma...

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See the many coastal places along the fjord and the places at Karup Å. You can also see the area's put and takes on the map.

Riverfisher - Sea trouts fishing in Karup Å

See the many fishing spots at Karup Å - and get more information about the possibilities for sea trout fishing.

Fishing license and fishing card

Remember your fishing license when fishing by the Limfjord - are you fishing in Karup River, you also need a fishing card.

The Limfjord has a natural potential for a truly unique sea trout fishing. Denmark's largest fjord receives water from 1/6 of Denmark's area, and a series of Denmark's very best sea trout streams have their outlet in the fjord.

See the many fishing spots and accommodations at the Limfjord

Photo: Havørred Limfjorden