Hiking trails

Photo: Ferievedlimfjorden

There are plenty of fantastic nature areas at the Limfjord, all of which can be experienced on foot on the many nature trails and hiking trails. Here we have gathered some of the most beautiful and best hiking experiences on the Limfjord.

Book din vandreferie på øen Mors

Mors er den største ø i Limfjorden og et fantastisk sted at vandre. Book en vandreferie på Mors inkl. 3 overnatninger, aftensmad, smør-selv-madpakke og bogen ”Kystruten”.

Skive By, langs åen

P: Parking places in town L: 9,2 km Marking: Unmarked The route follows the stream Skive-Karup Å.

Jelse Odde

P: Lundø Camping (N 56° 38.259’, E 9° 8.907’) L: 4,9 km Marking: Yellow This roundtrip on the spit Jelse Odde offers an impressive view of Sa...

Nature trail at Ørslev Kloster

The preserved convents garden and forrest including a marked nature path is open to the public.


P: Knudevej (N 56° 49.621’, E 8° 58.062’) L: 5,5 km Marking: Red The moler cliffs on the north coast of the island of Fur are up to 30 m high...

Hike: Kilen Rundt

Around Kilen (14 km): The trip through some of the most beautiful and varying nature in Denmark, partly follows paths and roads, but it takes you ...

Hike: Venø Rundt

Around Venø (15 km): Venø is one of the 100 inhabited islands in Denmark. On the hike “Around Venø”, you will experience a beautiful and alternati...

Hike: Søndbjerg Strand-Tambohus

Søndbjerg Beach – Tambohus (8 km): The east coast of Thyholm between Søndbjerg Beach and Tambohus is sheltered from the West wind. In the south is...

Hike: Jegindø Rundt - "muslingeruten"

Around Jegindø – „the bivalve route“ (15 km): A days walk with a lot of time to enjoy the nature and maybe take a swim in Limfjorden. On the hike ...


P: Jenle (N 56° 39.935’, E 9° 5.186’) L: 1,3 km Marking: Yellow This route also starts at Jenle and leads through the wood down to the thicke...

Hike: Skulpturruten

The Sculpture-Route (5 km): Experience a hike through the city of Struer where you will find many exciting and beautiful sculptures. In the touris...

Hiking trails in the Nature Park

Grab your lunch and your binoculars. Whether you enjoy nature in hiking boots, running shoes or cross-country skiing, you can look forward to unique e...

The Coastal Route on Mors

The Coastal Route is a unique opportunity to spend one or more days in natural beauty, sleeping in shelters. The coastal route is the only place in De...


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