By the Limfjord you will find lots of

Fun for kids

Holiday for the little ones

By the Limfjord we have lots of experiences for everyone - even for the little ones! Dive into the Limfjord for the animals of the fjord with the nature guide; go fossil hunting for 55 million year old fossils; take a trip to the tropical water park with a large pirate ship for the smallest ones and a wave pool and a water slide for the older kids, or go on a trip to the area's beautiful beaches and nature areas. All our beaches are child friendly as the water along the fjord is calm and shallow, and a large part of the beaches are equipped with bathing jetties!

Go back to the medieval times

Photo: Museum Salling

Go on a seal safari

Photo: Jyllandsakvariet

Find 55 million year old fossils

Photo: Jacob Lerche

Go explore the old castle

Photo: Museum Salling

Museum and playground all in one

Photo: Museum Salling

Come along to the tropics

Photo: KCLimfjord

Go hunting in the fjord

Photo: Jakob Lerche

Experience the fjord, two and two, in glass kayaks

Photo: Isabella Hauschildt, Vision Kayak

The Limfjord's child-friendly beaches

Photo: Thomas Køser, Skive Kommune