Photo: Museum Salling

The Limfjord is full of wonderful and exciting experiences for both children and adults. Here you will find a very special selection!

Experiences you don't want to miss!

Brænderiet Limfjorden - distillery

Brænderiet Limfjorden is a distillery, restaurant and cabin rental in Sundsøre. Enjoy the beer, whiskey, rum, gin, snaps and liqueur at the bar or on the terrace. Guided tours by appointment year-round.

Spøttrup Castle

Here you can discover a real castle with moat, castle towers, Knights Hall, church room and everything that has to do with the middle ages.

Danish Oyster Bar - Glyngøre Shellfish

The Oyster Bar at Glyngøre Shellfish serves fresh and local oysters with a view of the Limfjorden. You will get an authentic and present food experience at the great oak bar with salt water running down the middle.

Fur Bryghus

Fur Bryghus is both a microbrewery and a restaurant. It is beautifully located on the small island Fur in the Limfjord. The brewery hosts a number of events throughout the year.

Skive Museum

The Skive Museum houses art and cultural history exhibitions, the Children's Museum Gadespejlet (Street Mirror) and the Skive City Archives. The exhibitions show selected works of art and objects from the museum's collection.

KCL Badeland & Fitness

KCL Badeland & Motion has a large subtropical water park. Here the kids can be released into the children's pool with the large pirate ship and roller coaster, or in the wave pool where they can test their strength in the big waves. KCL Badeland also has a 57 meter long water slide with li...

The Museum on Fur

The museum at Fur contains both natural and cultural history. See the many exciting fossils or the exhibition "Det lille land" where you can get an insight into the fisherman's life at Fur in the 19th century. In the summer, the museum buzzes with life and exciting activities.

Glyngøre Kulturstation (Museum)

Glyngøre Kulturstation is a small local museum placed in the old railway buildings. Here you can find exhibits on the railway, fishing, industry and culture that has made an impact on the area in and around Glyngøre.

Thise Mejeri

Thise Dairy is located in the small town Thise in the northeastern part of Salling, where a long line of organic dairy is produced. Everything from ch...

Skive GoKart and Paintball

Welcome to Skive Go-Kart & Paintball. We have what it takes for quality entertainment. We can arrange everything from bachelor parties, birthdays to j...

Trotting at Skive Trav

Skive Trotting - Skive Trav - has a beautiful track where the public can get very close to the horses. Skive Trav is nationally known for its many cl...

Jenle Museum

The famous author Jeppe Aakjær lived here from 1907 until his death in 1930. See the exhibitions and the artist's residence where Aakjær wrote several...

Tingfinderiet antique and second hand shop

In an old and beautiful farm close to Krejbjerg you will find the interior and second-hand store Tingfinderiet. It consists of 900 m² retro, raw roman...

Dalsgaard Antiques

Large antique store in beautiful surroundings. The store also has a small café where you can enjoy a coffee.

Træmuseet - The Museum of Woodworking Tools

The museum's exhibition consists of old Danish produced machinery for woodwork and hand tools used by cabinet makers and carpenters over the past 150 ...


Glassfactory. An open workshop, where you can watch while the glassblower transforms the hot, liquid glass into object for everyday use and unique art...

Legeland Viborg - play center

Bring your family to a fun day at the play center in Viborg - a huge indoor playground. At the center there are experiences and activities for the ent...

Galleri Jettestuen

Exiting gallery and sculpture garden were you can enjoy your own lunch. The gallery sells art supplies for water colouring and acrylic painting. Park...

Ferry Fur - Branden

The ferry between Fur and Salling (Branden) only takes 4 minutes and departs every 15 minutes.

Ferry Hvalpsund - Sundsøre

The Hvalpsund-Sundsøre Ferry connetcs Vesthimmerland and Salling with a cozy 10 minutes crossing.

VisionKayak - glass kayaks

With VisionKayak you can go on a boat trip on the Limfjord in transparent kayaks. The crystal clear glass bottom kayaks provide a unique experience in...