Limfjordens Hus

Taste experiences by the Limfjord

Højslev Kro

The Limfjord is full of amazing taste experiences

Enjoy an organic cheese made from milk from local Jersey cows, taste a locally caught Limfjord oyster while you enjoy the view of the Limfjord, have an ice cold beer right from the keg at one of the local breweries and have fresh caught fish directly from the smokehouse.


Oyster Bar

Lindorm Whisky

Brænderiet Limfjorden (distillery)

Limfjordens Hus

Limfjordens Hus


Højslev Kro (Inn)

Freshness, quality, authenticity and local ingredients - The Limfjord is full of amazing taste experiences!

Hancock Bryggeri

Hancock Brewery

Thise Mejeri

Thise Dairy

Fur Bryghus

Fur Bryghus (brewery)

Cafés og Restaurants

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Spisesteder ved Limfjorden