Skive After Hours

Looking for activities after work or studies?

Photo: Jepsen Grafisk

We hope you have great stay in our area - if you are looking for after school or work activities you have come to the right place. The area offers incredible outdoor activities and the local sports clubs welcome newcomers to their teams. Sign up for activities here. 

Besøg på GreenLab - 4.2.2020

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Rundvisning Brænderiet Limfjorden - 25.2.2020

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Besøg på Folkecenter for vedvarende energi - 27.2.2020

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Places to eat

Check out the map and find the right place to eat.

BowlnFun Skive

Bowling is for the entire family, and Bowl 'n' Fun in Skive has 14 AMF lanes, all with childrens boards. If you would like additional entertainment, we can offer two squash courses, pool, air-hockey and various arcade games. Pleasant play area for children. Our restaurant The Grill offers ...

Trotting at Skive Trav

Skive Trotting - Skive Trav - has a beautiful track where the public can get very close to the horses. Skive Trav is nationally known for its many class trotters. The entire family can enjoy an unforgettable experience together with many wonderful horses. The children can enjoy themselves...

Cinema3 - Cinema in Skive

In Cinema3 all three halls are certified by THX Lucasfilm. This makes Cinema3 the best cinema in Denmark when it comes to sound, picture and comfort. Cinema3 is the largest cinema in mid/west Jutland.


Drivhuset is Skive's youth club. Drivhuset is a place where people can express themselves in whatever way they wish. In Drivhuset there is room for everyone and the possibilities are almost limitless.  Check out upcoming events on Facebook.

Hal A - Skive Streetsport

Skive's gathering place for all kinds of street sports. The center currently houses 2000 m2 with ramps etc. for trial bikes, bmx, roller skates and scooters. Opening hours: Mon 15:00 - 20:00 Tue 15:00 - 21:00 Wed 15:00 - 20:00 Thu 3pm - 9pm (19-21) 18+ Closed in July. Price: DKK 3...

KCL Badeland & Fitness

KCL Badeland & Motion has a large subtropical water park. Here the kids can be released into the children's pool with the large pirate ship and roller coaster, or in the wave pool where they can test their strength in the big waves. KCL Badeland also has a 57 meter long water slide with li...

Skive Theater

Skive Theater is 125 years old and as such an important part of the cultural life in Skive and surroundings. The theatre hosts a number of events all year mostly acoustic and rhythmic concerts, stand-up comedy and lectures. In addition to these events the theatre has a close companionship ...

VisionKayak - glass kayaks

With VisionKayak you can go on a boat trip on the Limfjord in transparent kayaks. The crystal clear glass bottom kayaks provide a unique experience in the water, which cannot be found anywhere else. VisionKayak provides trips for the water lover, for the kayaker, for the family, for chi...


Get up and close to the Limfjord's coasts in sea kayaks - the area has several rental sites and a kayaking trip on the calm waters of the Limfjord, overlooking the beautiful coasts of the area is pure relaxation.

Fur - Denmark's most wonderful island

Welcome to Denmark's most wonderful island - Fur! The small Limfjord island Fur, only 4 minutes from Salling, offers you loads of experiences for both children and adults. Experience spectacular nature, art, galleries, fossil hunting and local world class beer.